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Interview Summary Worksheet

This form should be used in conjunction with the Interview Evaluation Form. It is used to summarize the results of all of the interviews a candidate had and determine an average score.

Job Applicant Interview Script

A sample script for interviewing a job applicant. This script covers the various stages of an interview including the applicants arrival, gathering information about his or her experience and skills, giving information about the company and position, etc.

Job Description Writer

Write better job descriptions using the power of O*NET. The Job Description Writer helps employers and Workforce Professionals write job descriptions.

Online Employee Turnover Calculator

How Much Does Your Employee Turnover Cost? This worksheet, provided by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, is an excellent reference for calculating the cost of employee turnover for your company. Knowing the cost of losing and then replacing an employee will help you determine how much you can afford to invest in keeping them.

Reference Check Control Form

Use this form to manage the reference checking process. Use this form to track the results of business and personal reference checks for an individual applicant. Use with the Reference Check Form to ensure thorough reference checking.

Telecommuting Guidelines

The benefits of telecommuting range from increased staff morale, productivity, and customer service to reduced gasoline consumption and traffic, parking, and office congestion. This document provides guidance in establishing telecommuting arrangements for employees whose responsibilities can be performed outside the customary/traditional office setting during part or all of the week.

Temporary Help Screening Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your needs for temporary employees are met quickly and accurately, from the skills you require to the best agency to fill the position.

The High Cost of Job Vacancies

Vacancies can expose your organization to unforeseen and unacceptable expense, including loss of revenue, personnel, team, and management costs, customer satisfaction levels, and competitive advantages. This article offers some suggestions to help you limit the effect job vacancies have on your organization.

Traits Based Interviewing Questions

This article contains a list of behavioral traits are desirable in an office or clerical worker. The next time you interview a candidate for an office or clerical position, ask these questions and listen for answers which reflect the examples in the evidence of trait column.
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